Custom Lanyards: Yes Or No?

Custom LanyardsIt is a fact that custom lanyards are very much in demand for various occasions nowadays. For your special occasion, however, do you think that you would benefit from using a custom lanyard, either as a promotional item, a token, a symbol of unity or mere identification purpose, or not?

Find out the answer by considering all these angles before placing your orders.

The advantages of custom lanyards for your business, party, church or even personal needs.

•It is highly customizable.

This would allow you to design the lanyards according to your own preferences.Your logo, tag line, company name, symbol, message or whatever you like to put in there could be done without hassles.You could make the approach more personal and the occasion more meaningful and memorable.

•It is affordable.

Whether you plan to distribute these custom lanyards as your gifts or give away to guests or clients, it would not cause you so much to do so. There are various packages being offered depending on the number of orders, the quality of the material and the type of prints. One can allot as low as $1 per piece for a lanyard. For the more intricate designs and higher quality materials, it could reach the price of $10-15 per piece.

•The lanyards are handy and portable.

One can have bulk orders and not worry about heavy packages during distribution and delivery.

•The lanyards are good marketing tools.

People are bound to remember your products or the services that you are promoting every time they see the lanyards. Plus, most of the people appreciate the practical uses of lanyards, hence they utilize these and you get free advertising from these people.

•Lanyards do not consume so much time.

If there is an existing logo or design already, you can place your orders and have the lanyards ready within a day or two, depending on the type of print you like and the quantity. By using the silkscreen process, you could have your lanyards in an hour or less.

Nothing is perfect in this world, however. There are disadvantages on using lanyards too. Some people do not like to wear lanyards for the following reasons.

•Most of the time, it does not go well with what they are currently wearing.

If they are in a convention or a formal gathering, the lanyards would not simply fit in. Flowers or leis are the better options. In offices, as there are different colors of uniforms to wear per day, the lanyards would also not be a match to some of the colors being worn. In the sports events too, the teams usually change the colors of their uniforms. The color of your lanyards would therefore, not match during several games.

•The lanyards are sometimes easily caught on other items.

They are decors on the tables, on your plate, or other accessories such as your bag or necklace, just to name a few. Others just find these lanyards as menaces rather than as useful items.

•Custom lanyards are sometimes used to hurt others.

These are especially among the school age children where they pull or grab the lanyards of other children in a fight.

•Depending on the materials and the type of prints, lanyards are sometimes easily scraped, torn and ripped and the prints are erased or become unrecognizable, defeating the purpose of the lanyards.

The decision?

Custom lanyards can be the best bet for your occasion.However, it can also be a not-so-good idea for certain reasons.Therefore, careful considerations of other matters such as the manner of the event, the recipients of the lanyards and the purpose, should be done as to ascertain the success of using lanyards for your occasion.

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Thousand of custom lanyards in various designs for the fundraising event and create a sign telling everyone that your items are eco-friendly, made from recycled plastic.
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Creating a Business out of ID lanyards

No business is too big or too small to handle for someone who knows how to plan ahead. Like most of the things that we opt to achieve, starting is the most difficult and crucial step of all. Still, when done correctly, it could lead to things you’ve always dreamed of.

ID lanyardsOne of the booming businesses nowadays is the ID lanyards business. Once a simple commodity, wherein the customers would even be satisfied with a simple string to hang their IDs with, nowadays, ID lanyardshave become so much more competitive. From the various designs to choose from to the quality of the material used to create the ID lanyards, everything should be considered to make sure that your business will entice customers.

Here are some things to consider if you’re planning to start this kind of business:

1.Work out your budget

It might sound pretty obvious but you need a capital to start a business. They say that business is a gamble, you need to bet in order for you to win but you can’t do it recklessly. This goes with deciding with the monetary value that you will be investing. Whether you decide to start humbly or to go all out, make sure that you take everything into account. From the simplest materials that you’ll be using for the lanyards up to the fair wages of your employees. List all of these and decide on a reasonable capital. If you want to be sure, better hire a financial consultant to help you with this.

2.Locate the perfect place for your shop

If you want your business to really grow, you need to plan where you’ll situate it. Some might think that turning your home into your shop will save you all the trouble of paying the rent and going the extra mile just to be there, but there are other factors to consider aside from those. One thing that you’ll consider is the accessibility of your shop. Is it somewhere that customers will be able to see or will it take too much effort from them to reach it? You’ll go for a place that is more accessible because this means more customers. Another thing to consider is how close your shop is from your potential customers. You can’t open a lanyard shop in the middle of the mountain. It’s better to put it near schools or offices since such establishments has use for lanyards.

3.Check your competitors

Most business owners does ocular inspections before and during the construction of their shops. It is one way to ensure that everything will be according to their plan. Aside from this, they also make it a point that they check potential competitors near them. Of course, you can’t be the only maker of ID lanyards in town. There will be competitors. It is up to you on how to make yours standout.


Assume that you’ve decided to start small in this kind of business which eventually leads up to you deciding to do everything on your own. This might work for a few days but eventually you will need help. Given that you start getting a lot of orders and that your capital allocation was right, seeking for a helping hand is not a bad idea. After all, more hands means more product output which turns into income.

All that was mentioned is a part of your starting kit in ID lanyards business. There are a lot more that you should prepare for but with those four things, you would definitely get a headstart.

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